For the first time this year, we arrange and provide our customers with cooking classes based on the traditional products of the island.

assion for the culinary arts offers fun, relaxation and pleasure for lovers of the kitchen. Private cooking lessons in traditional restaurants on the island aimed at all those who love the creativity and fine flavours of traditional local Greek cuisine, but also for those who just want to taste exquisite, unique dishes.

We welcome you with coffee and offer you the opportunity to taste the wonderful flavours of our cooking, comment on how to cook and resolve any questions you have on the local cuisine.

During the course, you can also record your recipes with all the information of the dishes that were prepared, so you can easily repeat them in your home for your family or friends.

Regarding the content of the courses:

Select the cooking theme among varieties of interesting proposals
The choice of menu is based on local traditional Greek cuisine
You can join the gathering of local produce from the fields
Lively cooking, tasting and commenting
on cooking techniques
Technical experience and knowledge, inspiration, taste education and training
The duration of this amazing experience is about 2 hours
Recording of recipes with all the details of the dishes that were prepared, so you can easily repeat them in your home
Sample local wines accompanied with homemade flavors we prepare

This service is for a minimum of 2 persons

Participation in the cooking class for up to 6 people is possible with an extra charge. Contests, plates and lots of fun

Contact your host and ask for cooking lessons. Get involved and come to spend two wonderful hours of calm and creativity.